Decentralizing the future, together

Quorum is a DAO governing an ecosystem of protocols built on Stacks. These protocols, called Governed Protocols, are community-created and governed by members of Quorum DAO.

Open Ecosystem

Quorum's ecosystem is fueled by community-created protocols.

Community Governance

Members of Quorum DAO govern protocols built on Quorum.

Incentivized Participation

Governance members earn rewards for their active involvement.

Governed Protocols

A Governed Protocol is a protocol that is community-created and governed by members of Quorum DAO. Anyone can build a Governed Protocol with the Quorum SDK.

Powered by QUO

QUO is the token used for governance and utility within the Quorum ecosystem. QUO has no pre-sale, venture backers, or pre-allocated token vesting.

Truly Decentralized

Quorum is fully on-chain and decentralized. Zero administrative controls. No 3rd party reliance. Upgradable through additional smart contracts.


Stacks provides a foundation for the decentralized web secured by Bitcoin

Quorum is built on Stacks, a smart contract layer anchored to Bitcoin. Bitcoin offers unparalleled security that is unmatched by any other blockchain.


Stacks is anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain.


Clarity smart contracts are safe and predictable.


Stacks can interact with Bitcoin on-chain state.


Connect to the future of decentralized governance with Quorum SDK

Join a thriving community of developers creating the next generation of Governed Protocols with Quorum SDK. Get started with just a few lines of code.


Get a glimpse of Quorum's growth and impact

Explore key metrics and data on Quorum's expanding ecosystem, user adoption, and more.

Note: Quorum is not yet live on mainnet.


Together, let's forge a more equitable decentralized landscape

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